Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Crazy shopping in crazy Ibiza

Some of the pics below there were taken by my very patient husband while I was shopping in Ibiza...the first 2 were taken in Bagus, my favourite leather shop in the whole island! (and yes, I bought the little black bag I am holding)

 One morning in a disco on a beach..yes, it was morning...and that was the matinèe at the Space, one of the most famous discos of the world :)

Dinner in Dalit Villa (the old town)..restaurant Le Olive

more shopping close to the harbour...

 I really loved and enjoyed every single day I spent in Ibiza...the island is magic, with a great atmosphere and interesting, beautiful and funny people. I can't imagine any better place where to spend some holidays ...and definitely the shops are something not be missed!

The pics were taken with my husband's blackberry...so, sorry for the bad quality!

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