Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Back to Budapest - so much is going on in summer time!

I know. I m guilty. I haven't uploaded any new posts in ages. The main reason for that is that I have first been to Riccione (100 km from Bologna, at the seaside - and before leaving I decided not to take my laptop with me - big mistake I know) and now I am in Budapest, Hungary.
I thought I could rely here on my husband international internet USB key which is obviously not working now....
So basically now I find myself in Hungary's capital (where the weather is pretty cold and I have NO warm clothes..and the Sziget Festival is currently running) with no internet connection..and this is driving me crazy!!
I am planning to stay here for the next 10 I have to figure out some survival techniques...I ll have to pay visits to internet points, use the wifi connection at starbucks (and connect through my i phone)...but God...this is going to be hard...

Anyway here are some of the pics I have recently taken with my i phone (using the hipstamatic application in some cases)

Pic 1. The Szalaij Bakery close to my house...excellent food (and one of the oldest in town, established in 1917)

Pic 2. View of Buda and the Danube from Pest
 Pic 3. Thai massage in Budapest (Sen Spa, close to Szabagsad Square)..I love it!

 Pic 4. Szalay Utca, the street where I live whenever I am in Budapest

 Pic 5. Antique shop plus book shop (unfortunately closed...but what a beautiful sign!!!)

 and the last 2 pictures were taken in Riccione...just before leaving the beach and heading to Budapest!!

I can t wait to upload more pics I took today in Budapest.
Today I fell in love with:
- an old lady selling flowers just outside a supermarket
- the coffee at Gerloczy, a coffehouse in central Pest
- an Hungarian design shop called Fregoli...
Tomorrow I ll post some pics about all these people and places....

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