Monday, 28 February 2011

Lomography - who cares if it's not good art when the pics are so amazing!

A few days ago I was reading an American blog, the rockstar diaries (you can find it in the list of my favorite fashion blogs) and couldn't stop noticing that some of the most beautiful pics posted by Taza, the author, had been taken with a Diana. Diana is a plastic-bodied box camera utilizing 120 rollfilm: it is a cult legend camera, famous for its dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images.
You can take some faboulous pics with it.

I searched for information on its history and found out that:
The Diana first appeared during the early 1960s as a inexpensive box camera sold by the Great Wall Plastic Factory of Kowloon, Hong Kong. During the 1960s, Power Sales Company wholesaled the Diana by the case - 144 cameras - at about 50 cents U.S. per unit to a variety of retailers and promotional merchandisers.
Most Diana cameras were given away or sold for nominal sums as novelties or prizes at fairs, carnivals, product promotions, raffles, or other events. For a time, the camera was also regularly advertised for sale in various periodicals through mail order vendors. However, with the development of inexpensive, higher quality consumer cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic, together with the declining popularity of rollfilm, demand for the Diana - even as a novelty gift - gradually disappeared. Production of the Diana, its clones, close copies, and variants is believed to have stopped in the 1970s, though similar 35 mm box cameras were produced for many years thereafter by various companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan for use as promotional items.
Diana was rediscovered in 1991 by two Austrian students who founded years later a company called Lomography and restarted the production of such cameras.

In a word, Diana is a lomographic camera, and lomography is both the name of a company and the art of taking casual, snapshot pics.
Other lomographic cameras are Holga and Actionsampler, Frogeye, Pop-9, Oktomat, Fisheye, Fisheye2, Colorsplash, Colorsplash Flash, F-stop Bang, SuperSampler, Horizon 202, SeagullTLR,  and Smena 8M.

So I made my mind up and after having searched on the internet I ordered Diana on line through (if you don't live in Italy, you can have a look at
TODAY I GOT A PACKAGE WITH MY DIANA. Below you can see how it looks like. Isn't it gorgeous??? I LOVE IT and can 't wait to take some wonderful pics with it!!!

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