Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Budapest, IKEA and THE house

Tomorrow I am leaving for Budapest. I am leaving, because actually I DON'T live in Budapest but in Bologna, a town in the North of Italy (south of Venice and north of Florence). The apartment me and my Husbee (husband) recently bought in Budapest is like a holiday house, or more precisely a place we like to go to when we want to slow down and take some days off from the rest of the crazy little world we live in.
Anyway, tomorrow I am leaving and I am soooo excited. There no direct flights from Bologna to Budapest so I ll have to fly first to Rome and then to Budapest. I ll meet my Husbee tomorrow evening somewhere in central Budapest, hopefully at Cafe Central (, my 2° favourite cafe, after Cafe Farger.
My Husbee is Berlin right now, I haven't seen him in the last 3 days (ok, it's not soo much time) but still...I can't wait to see him!
We will stay in Budapest until Saturday, just for 3 days :(((. We need to go to IKEA (yes, IKEA seems to be everywhere, and the stuff it sells has the same weird-Swedish names everywhere) and start renovating the apartment.
Here are some pics of the apartment as it was when we bought it.

Pic 1:The entrance

Pic 2: the living room (I love it!)

Pic 3: the view from the bedroom window (yesss, it's the Parliament building!)

We bought the apartment from a very nice English couple. Apparently they wanted to move to Slovenia and wanted to get rid of their apartment in Budapest.
I find the whole story quite interesting: an Italian couple who buys an apartment in Budapest from a British couple who wants to move to Slovenia...well, when such things happen, the world seems to be a small place indeed!
Anyway, we need to but new furniture, as the apartment I will see tomorrow will be totally empty (empty, empty...this is the echo of the empty apartment :)

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