Monday, 13 June 2011

Shoe trends - Summer 2011

On Saturday I went to the market, La Piazzola, located in Piazza VIII Agosto in Bologna.
I love to go shopping there although lately the quality of clothes, shoes, and bags is getting worse.
Anyway, I saw a beautiful pair of summer shoes and obviously bought it.
It is interesting to see how high heel shoes are very trendy this summer (last year heels where nowhere to be found!).
I bought almost the same pair of shoes you can see below, in black (but yes, definitely my heels are not that high). Strange enough they are comfortable and I can 't wait to put them on...but the weather right now is in June I am still wearing my boots.  

I made a quick researrch and the shoes below seem to be the trendiest ever.

 1. Angelo Marani

2. Blu girl

3. Christian Dior

4. Barbara Bui

Actually I love Barbara Bui's style and I ll look for more of her creations...

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