Monday, 2 April 2012

Avigail Adam- beautiful head bands from Israel

All right I think it is pretty clear that I am in my "Israeli" mood... the point is that I really liked all the young creative people I met in Tel Aviv. Avigail Adam is one of them. She is a young jewelry designer and I met her at her stall in Dizengoff Street last Thursday.

Avigail Adam was born and raised in Jerusalem, she graduated from the department of Archaeology in the Hebrew university and after 4 years of traveling around the world she came back and started working as a fashion and beauty journalist.
She designs head bands inspired by her worldly travels, as well as her studies of ancient culture. Other inspirations come from mythology and fairy tales. The head bands are sold in local prestigious boutiques, as well as boutiques located in some of the best fashion capitals of the world. You can also find the head bands starring in commercials, fashion editorials as well as on the heads of the beautiful and famous.

All right yes, I bought the head band below :))

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