Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mochilla bags --- Back to blogging

All right...I haven 't posted anything for almost a month..and I DO FEEL GUILTY.
But - like almost all Italians- I have been on holidays..I really needed a break so I didn't bring my laptop with me... and therefore didn't post a single thing in almost 26 days... I am back to work, back to the daily routine, back to normal life...
While travelling this summer I have noted some interesting trends, like:
- Mochilla bags- the colorful handmade bags from Columbia seem to be a must...(although I think in Columbia they don t cost an eye, in Italy I have seen some of them at the price of 250 euro..OMG!)
- Swedish Hasbeens- the super nice Swedish clogs- are just another must...
Something I am totally fed up with are fluo colours, skulls (seriously, I had enough) and t shirts with holes which look second hand but are brand new instead :))
Anyway, for those of you who still don t know exactly how a Mochilla bag looks are some pics..they can be bought online at

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